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´╗┐Assembled and unassembled blanks are available to taxidermists. Assembled blanks will come ready to paint. Blanks that are unassembled will come right out of the mold slightly trimmed with no eyes included.

There are three different blanks available. Traditional: Needs seam, gill and interior mouth work; Traditional +: Needs seam and gill work but interior mouth detail is already finished; Premium: No seams just attach fins, gills and head. Blanks as stated above are all described as unassembled, assembled blanks would come ready to paint.

Abbreviations for blanks are as follows:
RT-Right Turn TU-Tail Up
LT-Left Turn TD-Tail Down
CM-Closed Mouth
OM-Open Mouth
SC-Swimming Curve ( Head out and tail back s-curve action )

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